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Custom pull out sliding shelves and kitchen cabinet accessories

 Pullout sliding shelving from the number one roll out shelf company

Now you can install a custom made pull-out shelf in as little as five minutes!
We ship our custom pullout shelving throughout the United States

Pull out sliding shelves completely assembled and ready to install
Order online or call 1-800-598-7390

You can install a pull out sliding shelf in as little as 5 minutes, the standard pull-out slides come
with four "L" brackets that allow you to mount our rolling shelves on to an existing kitchen shelf or cabinet base

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Wouldn't you like custom pull out shelves in your  home? Are you tired of the high prices that some pullout shelf company installers charge? We have the answer, do it yourself with a custom pullout sliding shelf from shelves that slide  All of our DIY rolling kitchen shelving is custom made to fit your cabinet. Our roll out shelves come fully assembled and ready for installation. We also have a large selection of Rev-A-Shelf Lazy Susans and sliding trash and recycle systems. How about a DVD and CD slideout shelf? TV swivel and slide shelves for your entertainment center.


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See what others are saying about the roll out shelves they purchased from Shelves that Slide. Take a look at our testimonials page. DIY with a roll out shelf from Shelves That Slide. Our testimonial page keeps growing with comments from our wonderful customers that have already learned the joy of sliding pull out shelves. Go ahead read the comments and see that you really can do-it-yourself with our custom rolling shelving and kitchen shelves and pantry cabinet organizing accessories. You too will wish you had installed them years ago!

Custom made rollout sliding kitchen shelves made in 1/16" increments. The original shelves that slide offers the high quality sliding shelves you deserve at a price you can afford. Shelves That Slide is a full service website, we will take care of you and your pull out shelf needs. We started making pullout rolling shelves over 19 years ago. Pullout shelf companies come and go but Shelves That Slide is here to stay. Our custom kitchen shelf design has not changed and there is no reason for it to. What we do simply works better than those that have tried to copy us. Don't settle for a piece of particle board with a birch trim or worse yet the same thing sold as a kit that you have to cut to fit. We use the best quality hardware and materials for our pull out shelves. We stand behind what we sell and our customers stand behind us, take a look at our testimonial page for honest statements from actual customers. They will tell you how much they love our pull-out sliding shelves. They will also tell you how easy it is to install your own pullout shelves

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