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Custom pull out kitchen shelves made for your kitchen cabinets

Make your life easier with sliding kitchen shelves

kitchen shelves pull out sliding shelving to make your life easier

Custom made sliding kitchen shelves for your kitchen cabinets. We make our pull out kitchen shelves in 1/16" increments to perfectly fit your existing kitchen cabinets. Stop getting on your hands and knees to see what is hiding in the back of your cabinet. With rolling kitchen shelves from Shelves that Slide your items roll out to you. 100 pounds capacity and a lifetime warranty set our roll-out kitchen shelves apart from the rest. We also have other styles of kitchen shelves such as lazy susans, tip out trays, wire dividers and many more. Slide out kitchen shelves can make your life easier and add value to your home as well. After using our slide out kitchen shelves you will wonder how you got along without them.

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Sliding kitchen shelf construction. Our pullout kitchen shelves are constructed of 9 ply 1/2" thick Baltic Birch for the sides, front and back. The bottom of the shelf is 1/4" MDF that has a vinyl covering. This bottom is cut into dadoes in the sides, front and back of the shelf. On lager width pull out kitchen shelves 3/8" plywood strips reinforce the 1/4" MDF. MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. It is widely used today in places where lightweight strength is required. The corner joints of our rollout kitchen shelves are assembled with a rabbet joint placed strategically to combat the force that will be applied to it every time the shelf is pulled out.

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